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Eye Care Professional Needs

  • Application Evaluation: OMS-1st Assistant completes all applications and necessary paperwork on your behalf with the chosen payer networks and government entities.
  • Reports: Status reports so you know where you are in the process with each payer.
  • Maintenance of Provider Data: Maintain and update CAQH profile while applications are in process for commercial carriers.
  • Follow-up with Payers: Complete all necessary credentialing requirements for each payer and follow through to completion.
  • Dedicated Support: Dedicated credentialing experts to assist you throughout the process.
  • Timely Notifications: 30-, 60-, and 90-day prior notifications of any expired licenses including: DEA, State licenses, Board Certification and more. 90- and 120-day prior notification of any upcoming hospital or facility re-credentialing needs. 90- and 120-day prior notification of malpractice expiration.

Our Solutions

  • Ongoing Maintenance: We operate as an extension of your practice and manage all of your credentialing and re-credentialing challenges. We also maintain your practice and provider information so no deadlines are missed.
  • Application Projects: Our expert team will manage all of your insurance application requests from start to finish.